Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sinda the Tiger

I was reading a sad story yesterday about Sinda the Tiger. Sinda was a tiger at the Louisville Zoo. They had to euthanize her because she had an inoperable oral cancer. It is very sad, however; Sinda was 17 years old, which is considered pretty old for a tiger. In 2004, Sinda gave birth to two tiger cubs, Anya and Irisa. Those cubs now reside at the Columbus Zoo. I was browsing through some of my photos last night and I came across a photo of Sinda that I had taken last summer. I thought I would share that photo with all of you.

I really enjoy going to the zoo. I always take my camera and I usually end up taking hundreds of photos. The animals have such personality and I really enjoy photographing them. Along with my camera, I also usually take my nephew, Connor, with me when I go to the zoo. He makes the experience more enjoyable. He enjoys the zoo as much as I do.

I thought I would share a few photos today of the animals at the Louisville Zoo. As you view these photos, please don't forget that the zoo is usually open year-round and they need your patronage to pay for the animal feed.

Naptime for Sinda the Tiger

Inquisitive Meerkat

Pile O Meerkat

Feeding Time at the Zoo

Gorilla Snacktime

Proud Lion


  1. I don't like the zoo, I always get depressed. The meerkats are too cute though

  2. These are some awesome shots you got! I love zoos. My daughter will be going to Boyce College in Louisville in a couple years. Maybe we will be able to check out that zoo then :). Thanks for the beautiful pics!

  3. Melissa, these are wonderful. I do like those meercats! And I love the expression you captured on the lion's face.

  4. These are absolutely stunning Melissa! Wow!

  5. I love your pile of meercats. And, I really messaged you to say I like your glittery Christmas tree :O). It's awesome!