Friday, June 06, 2008


I absolutely love photographing flowers. Their colors are amazing. The camera can't even begin to capture their true beauty. I enjoy growing flowers but I don't have a green thumb. I'm just not very good at gardening in general. When my husband and I first bought our house I planted tons of flowers. I made sure to plant only "annuals" thinking that "annual" meant yearly so they should bloom every year. It was the following summer when the flowers didn't bloom in my garden that I finally took the time to look up the difference between annual and perennial. It was then that I realized my error. So now I only plant flowering trees and let the true gardners take care of growing the flowers. These are some photographs of someone else's gardening skills.
Pretty in Hot Pink

Rain-Kissed Calla Lilly

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  1. I was glad to find your blog after you commented on mine. So many beautiful photos - especially these flowers. Purple & yellow are my favorite!