Friday, July 11, 2008

Wild Beauty

Animals are some of God's most amazing creations (humans being the most magnificent of all because we are created in his image). I have a membership to the zoo just so I can photograph the beauty of the animals (I also enjoy taking my nephew, Connor, to the zoo. He is a another reason why I have a zoo membership). One of my dreams for the future is to travel the world and photograph some of God's amazing creatures in their natural habitats.
Sleeping Lioness

Inquisitive Giraffe


  1. Both so sweet to see!

  2. Thanks for the comments :)

    How did you find my blog?

    Looks like you've seen some beautiful things... and taken some great pictures :)

    What kind of camera do you use??

  3. Your photographs are really wonderful...You have a keen eye for using natural light!

  4. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Thanks for the comment on the photo of my little boy. Your pics are gorgeous and I've enjoyed reading your blog entries. You've got some great stories to share.

  5. You do beautiful photography! All the Arizona ones are gorgeous. I was down there last January but more in the southwest corner but I see now we need to go back and see the rest of it...especially "The Petrified forest and the Painted Desert.Keeping my fingers crossed to get that way again next Spring when I am I through all my treatments.I have seen so many beautiful parks down in the States but still have so many more to see.
    Thanks for sharing your photograhy.