Thursday, July 31, 2008


My husband and I have been trying unsuccessfully to have a child for several years. Since we don't have children of our own, I live vicariously through my sister's children. My sister Wendy has also had her more than her fair share of difficulties having children. She has had two miscarriages and she had a daughter, Alexis, who was born prematurely and passed away after 3 days. When my sister got pregnant for the fourth time, my entire family was on pins and needles. Thanks to many, many prayers answered by the Lord, my sister gave birth to her son, Connor, in March 1995. My whole family was overcome with joy at the birth of her healthy little boy. Connor has been one of the most joyous things in my life. I look forward to the times when my sister calls me for my babysitting services. I also enjoy taking Connor to the zoo whenever I can. I try to see him every weekend. In early winter last year, my sister called to inform me she was pregnant again. I was extremely excited and also scared out of my mind. She didn't have any complications with her pregnancy and on July 1st, my sister gave birth to her daughter, Raelee Alexis. Again, our cups are overflowing. The Lord's blessings are abundant. Here are some photos of the lovely blessings my family has received.

Connor's Sweet Smile

A Ride on the Train

Raelee Alexis

Precious Sleeping Princess

The Proud Big Brother

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  1. They are adorable - your photos just brings out their innocent sweetness! Many blessings to your family!