Friday, August 29, 2008

Jenny The Bloggess

The other day I had a strange conversation with my husband, Cameron, on the way to work. It made me think of Jenny "The Bloggess." Whenever I read her posts I always think, "I never have funny or interesting conversations like she does." After this morning, I began to rethink that...

Me: I had this dream last night that you had come in from jogging and you were all sweaty and you tried to hug me and I ran away. You chased after me trying to get sweat on me because you thought it was funny. I hate sweat. It grosses me out.

Cameron: What if someone peed on you? Would that bother you?

Me: Not really.

Cameron: Why are you grossed out by someone getting sweat on you but not grossed out by someone peeing on you? They are essentially the same thing.

Me: Pee is sterile, so it really isn't the same thing. Sweat gets mixed in with all of the germs on your skin. It's gross.

Cameron: It's still the same idea.

Me: I'd rather have someone vomit on me than sweat on me. However, baby sweat doesn't bother me. Like when Connor (my nephew) falls asleep on me, he sweats but that doesn't bother me.

Cameron: You're weird.

Me: I don't mind baby sweat or baby vomit even. I'd rather not have an adult vomit on me, but I'd rather they vomit on me than sweat on me.

Cameron: This is a strange conversation we are having this morning.

Of course this isn't verbatim, but its pretty close. It also probably isn't as witty or funny as Jenny would write it, but it was funny to me at the time. (If you aren't offended by a little profanity, then you MUST check out Jenny's blog! )

It just makes me wonder how many similar conversations Cameron and I have had in the last 10 years. I think I'll pay more attention from now on.

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