Sunday, August 03, 2008


Water is one of the most important things to life. Growing up mainly in Kentucky, I never thought much about how important water is. Louisville normally gets plenty of rain and it also sits along side the Ohio River, so water was never much of a concern for us. Even during a drought, the Ohio never goes dry. When I moved to Arizona, I learned how important water can be. Once you've lived in a desert area, you really begin to appreciate water. Don't get me wrong, we always had water running from our tap, but it may not rain for months there. Tucson uses groundwater for drinking water. Sometimes so much water would be pulled from a certain area that the ground would literally drop a few feet in that area. My husband would jokingly tell me how the government tried to prevent using too much groundwater by creating The Central Arizona Project. The government dug a trench beginning at the Colorado River in northern Arizona and ending near Mexico. They lined the trench with concrete and diverted water from the Colorado River to this trench. He said it was the most horrible tasting water you've ever tasted and soon the citizens of Tucson lead a revolt. The government relented and began using groundwater again. They now use the water from The Central Arizona Project and use it for irrigating farmland and to replenish the groundwater. After living in Arizona for 2 years, the things I missed most were an occasional rainy day, green trees, and especially running water. If you head up into the mountain areas in Arizona, sometimes you can find a running stream. Here are a few photos I took in the mountains of Arizona.

Sabino Canyon in the Catalina Mountains

Ramsey Canyon in the Huachuca Mountains

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  1. I love the running water over the rocks in these photos - just seems so refreshing!