Monday, October 27, 2008

Ignorant Voters

Research has shown that most people decide who to vote for based on television and radio ads. It is amazing how ignorant people are of a candidate's positions on real issues. Howard Stern went out and interviewed people on the streets and asked them if they liked Obama because of his pro-life position or because he wants to keep the troops in Iraq to finish the war (neither statement is true). It was disheartening how many people would say, "I'm voting for Obama because he's pro-life." or "I'm voting for Obama because of he wants to keep the troops in Iraq until the war is finished." It is frightening to think that uninformed people like this are deciding who should run our country.

I don't care who you vote for, but please know why you are voting for that candidate!!!! If you don't know what the candidate believes, do some investigation. Their web sites will usually tell you. Here are a few helpful sites if you are still looking for information on the candidates:

People should know by now that the television and radio ads are only partial truths that are mixed with lies. Find out the truth before you vote.

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