Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lake Powell

This year during our trip to Tucson, my husband and I decided to drive to Northern Arizona to visit Lake Powell and Monument Valley. Lake Powell is just north of Page, Arizona. It is a beautiful area, but February is a little early for the tourist season, so there weren't too many activities on the lake. I did spend a few hours photographing Lake Powell.

I couldn't get a good frontal photograph of the Glen Canyon Dam because there was a chainlink fence on the bridge. Also, I was too petrified to walk out to the middle of the bridge and take some time to try and get a good shot. My husband finds this little quirk of mine quite funny. I'm not afraid to stand at the edge of a canyon on a rock, but I'm terrified of walking on man-made bridges, towers, scaffolding, etc. I'm okay in a tall building, but anything that is out in the open terrifies me. I managed to walk about 1/4 of the way out onto the bridge and snap two or three quick photos of the dam through the fence. By then my knees were about to buckle and my heart was racing so I bolted back to the safety of land and waited for my husband in the car.

Cameron is the opposite. He wasn't at all bothered about walking out to the middle of the bridge, but he gets nervous when I stand too close to the edge of a canyon. I trust the rock created by a Perfect God a lot more than I trust a bridge made by imperfect men. Cameron is of the opinion that you never know when there will be an earthquake or a landslide.

I guess we all have our little quirks.

Here are some photos of Lake Powell for your enjoyment.

Knee-Knocking Photo of Glen Canyon Dam

Sunset Over Lake Powell

Sunset Over Lake Powell Part Two

Rocky Reflection

Sunset Over Page

Glen Canyon Bridge


  1. wow! these really look awesome!

  2. It sucks when there's a fence or something in your way, but I think that first photo is actually very cool and artistic! I like that the photo is peeking through the fence...