Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Wedding Photography

Yes, I know its been a few weeks since my last post.  Its been really busy for me the last few weeks.  Between weddings, graduations, household chores, work, groceries, and life's every day obstacles, it feels like I've hardly had time to breathe.  Please hang in here with me.  I promise not to desert you, even if it takes me a couple of weeks to put up a new post.  I like to try and put up a post at least once a week, but as you've gathered, that doesn't usually work out so well for me. 

On May 6th I photographed a wedding for my brother-in-law's cousin, Angie.  It was only my 2nd time photographing a wedding and I was extremely nervous.  I also photographed the bridal shower, the wedding rehearsal, and I followed the bride the entire day of the wedding.  It was a lot of fun and a lot of work.  I took over 1400 photos and it took me several days to sort through and edit them.  I'm always of the mindset that I'd rather take too many shots of the same pose than risk taking only one or two shots of a pose and someone blinks or moves and the shot is ruined.  All in all I think the photos turned out pretty good and the bride and her mother were pleased, so that's the most important thing.

Usually, after I take photos, I upload them to my laptop and then I back them up to a 1.5TB external hard drive.  I especially want to make sure that the portraits and wedding photos I do for people are protected.  I noticed that the hard drive on my laptop was almost completely full, so I decided that I would backup my external hard drive online with Carbonite so that I could delete most of the photos off my laptop.  My external hard drive is hooked up to an older desktop and networked wirelessly to my laptop.  After I paid for and downloaded the Carbonite software to my desktop, I quickly found out that you can't backup an external hard drive with Carbonite.  After a stressful call to tech support, this fact was confirmed.  So, after some discussion with my husband, I ended up buying a new 1.5TB desktop computer.  Now I can safely upload the photos onto the desktop and back them up on the Carbonite online software.  So, buyer beware...you can't back up an external hard drive with Carbonite. 

These are the wedding photos of Angie and Joel.

The Dress

The Back of the Dress

The Bride and Bridesmaids

The Bride and the Fussy Flower Girl
Kids are so funny.  This is my niece, Raelee.  She is 2 (soon to be 3).  At the rehearsal dinner she informed us that she WAS NOT going to walk with her cousin, Dallas (the ring-bearer), in the wedding and she WAS NOT going to have her photo taken.  She also said she WAS NOT going to throw flower petals on the ground.  She lived up to her word at the rehearsal dinner and had to be carried through the rehearsal.  She also had to be carried through the pre-wedding rehearsal.  However, minutes before the ceremony, the bride (Angie) made a deal with Raelee.  If Raelee would walk with Dallas in the wedding, Angie would do the chicken dance with her at the reception.  Much to our amazement, Raelee walked hand-in-hand with Dallas through the aisle, down the stairs, and stood next to her mom, Wendy, who was one of the bridesmaids.  She DID NOT throw any petals on the ground.  If she accidentally dropped a petal, she would stop and pick it up and put it back in her basket.  She stood next to her mom for a few minutes, then she decided she was bored and wanted to visit with the bride's father, Timmy.  She sat on his lap for a while, then she got down and untied his shoes and then tried to tie them back for him.  She would turn over her basket and dump the flower petals on the ground.  Then she would gather them up and put them back in the basket.  After a while, she walked up the stairs and went to sit with my mom (grandma).  She didn't cry and although she wandered off the plan a bit, she was so cute that no one minded the diversion from the plan.  One thing she would not budge on is photos (as evidenced by this photo above).  She DID NOT want her photo taken and made a huge fuss about it.  This is actually one of my favorite photos from the entire photo shoot.  We all couldn't help but smile at Raelee's refusal to cooperate for the photos.  You'll notice her absence in the remaining photos.  And yes, the bride did live up to her promise and did the chicken dance.  Raelee refused to dance.  As they say, kids will be kids.      

The Groom and the Groomsmen

The Wedding Party

The Bride and Groom at the top of the Stairs

Angie and Joel

The Ring

The Kiss

A Peck on the Bride's Cheek

A Kiss Under Cover

Mr. and Mrs. Rhea

Angie and Joel by the Lake
Angie and Joel - Unity

This past weekend I photographed my cousin, Nicole's wedding.  After I finish editing those photos, I'll put up a few shots of those as well.

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  1. Beautiful photos, Melissa!

  2. what a beautiful venue! i think the ring picture is favorite! you did a great job :)