Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Today is an important day for all Christians. Today is the day that Jesus conquered death. Because of his death and Resurrection, we are able to spend eternity in paradise as long as we believe that Jesus is the Christ. It is a day for all Christians to rejoice and be thankful for all that Jesus has done for us. Our sins can be forgiven because of Him. What a wonderful gift we have been given.

Springtime and Easter go hand-in-hand. Last year around this time I took my nephew to the zoo (as I do several times a year). The zoo had planted hundreds of daffodils. The blooms were so beautiful! However, I was disheartened to see people picking the blooms. I was shocked that people just assumed that they could pick the flowers. I heard some of the zoo staff off to the side talking about how many hours the groundskeeping staff had spent planning the gardens and planting the bulbs. I haven't been to the zoo yet this spring, but if they chose to plant the daffodils again this year, I hope that installed signs that tell the guests not to pick the flowers. It is really sad that this would even be necessary, but people aren't teaching their children respect for anything anymore.

On behalf of all gardeners out there, I implore you, please don't pick the flowers! The flowers are there for everyone to enjoy, but if you pick the blooms, then no one can enjoy them.

Below are some photos of the daffodil gardens at the Louisville Zoo.

Happy Easter and blessings to all!

Field of Daffodils

Yellow Bloom

Orange & Yellow Bloom

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