Thursday, April 02, 2009

Northern Arizona

One of the most interesting things about driving through Arizona is that you never know what you are going to see next. As you drive north from Tucson, the scenery changes dramatically. As you crest each hillside or mountain top the view changes. When you start in Southern Arizona, you will find the typical desert views: cactus, mountains, and rocks. Once you get north of Phoenix, the scenery begins to change. Before you know it, you are in dense pine tree forests. As you get into Flagstaff the land levels out at about 5000 feet. Then you see a large peak (Humphreys Peak) and you are left wondering how tall that mountain must be if you are already at 5000 feet (and the answer is 12,562 feet). As you get north of Flagstaff the scenery is constantly changing. You see the Painted Desert, different mountain ranges, the Grand Canyon, cattle farms, Indian Reservations, and more. When my husband and I drove from Page, Arizona east to Monument Valley (about 100 miles), the scenery was continually changing. You never knew what breath-taking view lie ahead. It was spectacular and indescribable, especially for those who truly appreciate the beauty of nature in all of its forms.

The photos below were taken north of Flagstaff and south of Page. The photos of the canyons were taken from Antelope Pass just south of Page. If you ever have the time, I highly recommend a scenic drive through Arizona. It isn't something you will soon forget.

Humpreys Peak

Canyon View from Antelope Pass

Rocky Mountainside of Antelope Pass

Mountains South of Page, Arizona

Colorful Layers


  1. The lighting was perfect in each of your photos. What beautiful scenery you captured!!

  2. melissa ... these are great photos. I love Arizona. my perfect photographic day would be to see the sunrise in Jackson Hole and sunset in Tucson. Beautiful stuff. Even better to know the creator of it all. God bless. Steve

  3. Oh I love the landscape in Arizona, the glorious mountains, I can't wait to go there and hike. Beautiful photos :)

  4. The color in these photos is absolutely stunning! Are you noticing a big difference between the D40 and D90??

  5. beautiful shots! i love the last one with all the layers - really awesome and incredible! thanks for following my blog at The Shadow of the Cross. i appreciate you! I wanted to stop by and say Happy Easter - blessings to you and your family today! Blessings and hugs, Alice