Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You Capture Challenge - Letters

I was reading one of my favorite blogs,, and the author of the blog has a weekly photography challenge, called "You Capture." The object is to get us photography nuts out and about with our cameras. The challenge for this week was letters. So, I kept thinking about what letters would be most interesting to photograph over the weekend. During that time I went to my nephew, Connor's, first t-ball game. And then I realized the answer was right in front of my face! Here are some of my favorite letters:

Connor at Bat

Waiting in the Dugout

Future Baseball Star

This was Connor's first official t-ball game. He spent most of the time in the outfield walking in circles, playing in the dirt, and occasionally watching to see what was happening in the game. He's only four years old, so his attention span is short (hence his position in the outfield). He does well when he is at bat, but he doesn't run as quickly as the other team throws.
His baseball jersey and pants are too big, but it turns out you can only get them so small.
I had great fun getting these photos and I can't wait for next weeks challenge!


  1. I always love your comments on my page Melissa! and though a number have caught my eye, this one is especially wonderful. The fun he had playing, and the fun you had capturing ... life!

  2. how cute is this!!! great take on the letters challenge. next week is going to be "joy" and you actually start posting tomorrow. i was trying to work on one for it, but if you have looked at my blog the past day or two, you will see that i might not make it.. :O(

  3. Ooh, fun! Once again, I love the through-the-fence photos!